Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a great way to spend your day off. It’s a fun sport that you can practice when you want to spend some time with your friends. Bowling has been an excellent leisure sport since time immemorial. Many times, bowling is a high activity when you want to relax. Archaeologists found bowling balls in ancient Egypt. That indicates that people have been enjoying the sport for many years. Here are some health benefits of ten-pin bowling and ways it proves to be a good exercise.

Stress Relief

Learn the health benefits of bowling.Many times, people go to bowling alleys when they want to let loose and relax. The game helps ease the mind when you are playing. Whether you are playing alone or with friends, bowling is fun. Each time you want to roll the ball you have to take time and focus on the task ahead. That time that you immerse yourself in the game helps ease the mind. Bowling with your friends is more enjoyable than by yourself. You can eat some snacks or have some drinks while rolling the balls. These are the most memorable times you can have in your life.

Toning Muscles

When you are bowling, you use your body to position the body so that the ball can roll down and hit all the pins. The game lets you stretch your arms and place your legs to be able to roll down the ball. The ball also has some weight which helps tone your arms’ muscles. Most people who love bowling have been able to tone their legs and arms through the simple exercises during bowling. The lifting, turning and spinning is great for your muscles.

Burns Calories

Take the whole bowling exercise like going to the gym. When you are constantly taking a small splint when rolling the ball and maintaining certain poses to enhance accuracy, you burn some calories. In the estimate, a bowler walks up to 60 feet per turn. In an hour it can stretch up to half a mile. It is an equivalent and skipping rope for 25 minutes. Bowling is, therefore, a great exercise that you can practice while having fun.


Bowling improves one’s flexibility. You have to learn how to stretch and do certain poses when you are bowling. The stretches help you with accuracy when aiming your bowl to the pins. The bowling game requires some flexibility to be able to drop the pins. You have to extend parts of your body when you are anchoring the ball towards the pins. The simple stretches are good for your body as they enhance flexibility. In a three series game, you throw the ball at an average of 54 times which is great to improve on flexibility.


With ten-pin bowling, you carry much weight with your upper body. The bowling ball is heavy thus you need balance to be able to roll it down the alley. You have to position yourself in a way that you maintain balance, and you can throw the ball. You learn to pose in a certain way that you do not fall over when you throw the bowling ball. Learning how to maintain balance is great for your body and muscles.


When you are bowling, you need to learn how to coordinate your hands and body when playing. Your eyes guide the hand where to position the ball. They ensure that you have a clear aim when you roll that ball. Once you learn how to use your eyes to guide your hand, you have more fun bowling. The eyes need to be accurate as well as the hands to be able to get the exact path you want the ball to follow. If you are wanting to hook a bowling ball, further coordination is needed for the desired outcome.

Bowling and relationships

When you bowl regularly with friends, it becomes a great catch up session. The catch up facilitates the growth of relationships as you can communicate with one another. The memories you create in a bowling alley never fade, and they keep you closer to your loved ones. Competing against one another at bowling also grows your relationship and creates more room for bonding with your friends and family.


Ten-pin bowling is a great way to lose those calories while having some fun. You can also try other types of bowling and discover more about the game.

Health Benefits of Bowling
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Health Benefits of Bowling
Part of the health benefits of bowling include that it is a great way to relax and exercise all at once. Along with physical benefits, the game also is beneficial mentally as well.
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