How to Use a Bowling Ball Spinner

The professionals of the bowling game are skillful than an ordinary man playing bowling game because they own bowling ball drilling equipment or a bowling ball spinner. The bowling ball spinner helps the bowler to match the ball with lane so that the amount of control on the ball that should be applied can be determined. The professionals identify how the ball interacts with the surface of the lane. The condition of lane and surface of ball affects the strike rate of the player and so the bowling ball spinner helps to increase the strike rate.

Sanding and polishing the ball can be achieved by using a bowling ball spinner which will help in improving hook and control on the bowling ball. Equally polishing a ball from all sides will help the ball to roll straight on the lane. Bowling balls are available in the markets along with directions. The following five tips show how to use a bowling ball spinner.

  1. The sheet of the sand paper must be divided into three parts and it will have six sides. In such case one side must be used for rubbing one side of the ball.
  2. One side of the sand paper must be tightly tied to the interior of spinning bowl.
  3. Bowling bowl spinner should be turned on and while sanding one side of the bowling ball, it should be sprayed with water at regular intervals of time.
  4. After rotating the bowling ball by 90 degrees, sand the ball by using a new sand paper side.
  5. Continue the same step twice by moving it 90 degrees forward. After this rotate the ball right first by 90 degrees, sand it and continue by moving it to 180 degrees in the same direction. In this way, complete the sanding of the ball at all sides.

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