How to Use a Reactive Bowling Ball

Before the advent of the reactive bowling ball, a bowler could choose only between plastic, particle bowling and urethane bowling balls. Reactive bowling balls are used by the professional bowlers to increase the hook potential of the ball. Resin particles are added to the urethane ball in order to form reactive bowling balls.

The oily area is less around the pins of the bowling lanes and hence this two-fold effect allows the ball to move more on the oily part and less on the dry part. The presence of glass in reactive bowling balls increases the grit of the ball. Reactive bowling balls are less expensive and produce low friction with lane as compared to other types of ball. Following are some of the instructions about how to use reactive bowling balls.

  1. Reactive bowling balls must be released by putting fingers into the drill and then thumb so that when the ball is released first the thumb will come out of the drill.
  2. Stand in a proper position and keep the hand with which you are throwing the ball underneath and the other hand must be kept on the ball itself so as it to make it steady.
  3. The bowling game consists of four steps in which the reactive bowling ball is released. The foot of that leg should be taken as the first step in which the hand is holding the bowling ball. Second step is taken as soon as you release your other hand which was kept on the ball. With the second step, a pendulum motion is created.
  4. The third step should be taken as soon as the ball approaches back swinging.
  5. The final and fourth step is taken while releasing the ball wherein thumb is released first followed by the middle and the ring fingers.

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