Roto Grip Halo™ Bowling Ball Review

Use the Roto Grip Halo™ Bowling Ball to Blast Your Way to Higher Pin Count

Whether you’re a potential league champion, or a recreational 10-pin bowler who strives to maximize your pin-fall every frame, you want a ball that delivers. The best bowlers in the world appreciate how important it is to throw a ball that drives into the pins, creating a blast of action.

A solid choice for a variety of bowling styles is the Halo™ by Roto Grip. Before you decide on a ball to boost your game, consider what bowlers have said in Roto Grip Halo bowling ball reviews. We’ll begin your review with a list of the ball specifications for the Roto Grip Halo.

Then you can review how the ball’s construction and design affect lane control and pin action. Equipped with the traits and characteristics for the Halo, you will see how this ball can work with a variety of bowling styles to improve your score.

Roto Grip Halo™ Specifications

  • Ball Color: Coal/Fuchsia/Sky Blue
  • Weights Available: 12-pound to 16-pound
  • Coverstock: MicroTrax-S18
  • Coverstock Style: Solid
  • Coverstock Type: Reactive
  • Weight Block: Centrum™ Core (Asymmetrical)
  • Ball Finish: 2000-grit Pad
  • Finish Maintenance: Can be polished
  • Core: Centrum (12-pound to16-pound)
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49 (15-pound ball)
  • Ball Differential: 0.050 (15-pound ball)
  • Best Lane Conditions: Medium/Heavy to Heavy
  • Hook Capability: High to Medium High
  • Length Potential: Middle
  • Flair Potential: High

The Roto Grip Halo™ Control

The lane action of the Halo™ bowling ball is extremely responsive. While the ball exhibits excellent responsiveness out of the break, it does not have a tendency to grab too early. Since your ball won’t tend to come out of the skid immediately, you’ll begin to notice a lot more back-of-the-lane pin action.

Using an excellent 2.49 RG rating, the Halo™ ball combines this with a .050 differential. With a blend of gravitational impact and good reaction at the break point in the lane, the ball delivers a thundering impact on first-contact.

Much of the control for the Halo™ bowling ball can be attributed to the Micro Trax-S18 coverstock. This gives the ball strong energy efficiency, allowing it to generate the most power at this critical point-of-impact.

The Halo reads sooner than many comparable solid asymmetrical balls, so it is a good ball to handle heavy oil conditions. While the Halo uses the same MicroTrax-S18 coverstock of the Idol, it consistently offered better and more consistent control across diverse lane conditions.

The Roto Grip Halo™ Pin Action

One consequence of good ball control is the ability to pinpoint first impact. Since the Halo™ makes efficient use of energy as it hurdles down the lane; pinpoint impact is rewarded by consistent pin action.

The Halo transitions very well from the break into contact. This excellent pin action helps to avoid poor pin placement leading to difficult spare pickups. You will find the number of splits you’re staring at will decrease, especially as you get more comfortable your new ball.

Realizing how much action this ball produces, high-average competitive bowlers appreciate how much correction this ball applies when just catching a piece of the head pin.

Pin action was consistently strong for all bowling styles from straight-rollers to tweeners. Because the ball exhibits excellent pin-action qualities, it will suit any of these various bowling styles.

The high degree of strong pin action is also very important if you have competitive bowling aspirations. Not only will you be pleased with the score results produced by strong pin action, but your fellow team members will as well.

Overall Performance of the Roto Grip Halo™

When you gain from both good lane control and strong pin action, you have the benefit of a responsive ball at your fingertips. While the Halo cannot totally correct flaws in your game, it is very forgiving of an occasional error in placement.

It’s refreshing to know that this ball will reward you for accurate placement, but at the same time pick off an extra pin or two when you happen to make a mistake. The Halo responds tremendously on accurate first-contact and performs admirably on even the lighter hits. This forgiving nature is one of the appealing attributes of the Roto Grip Halo.

The 2000-grit finish also allows you to make minor surface adjustments for periodically poor lane conditions. Since you can begin anew by polishing out any of these changes, you don’t have to worry about poor scores due to poor lane conditions.

The Halo will help adjust to poor house patterns and help you score your best results when the lane conditions are pristine. This attribute of flexibility is what makes it such a popular bowling ball with different styles and competition levels. It’s a ball that’s performance won’t let you down.

The Bottom Line

The colorful intermingling of sky blue and fuchsia with coal bleeds produces an artful color spectrum as the Halo twirls towards the pin. However, this ball produces more than just a colorful display. It has tremendous pin action to help produce consistent first ball results.

Getting consistently high first-ball pin counts and frequent strikes will improve your scores, but you also need to be able to clean up pins on your second ball. This is where the Halo’s tremendous lane control becomes an important factor.

If you’re looking for a bowling ball to raise your competitive advantage, consider the Roto Grip Halo bowling ball reviews as a good starting point. Once you appreciate what top-level bowlers are saying about this ball, you appreciate how it might be the perfect ball to help you blast your way to higher pin totals.

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