Stock Your Arsenal

Did you know that 33% of all bowlers are adult women, 32% are adult men and the rest are young people of mixed sexes. If you’re one of those 2/3 adults, and you want to be a serious bowler, you really should have your own custom fitted bowling balls. You’ll have more control and the ball will actually feel lighter in your hands. Come take a look and have a talk with the pro shop that is probably in your local bowling alley. They will show you a wide variety of balls to choose from. One is sure to fit your taste and they will custom drill the holes to fit your hand.

In actuality, you should ultimately have three different bowling balls in your arsenal. You should have one that has heavy hook potential, one with medium hook potential and one with virtually no hook potential at all. Keep in mind, your ball will not hook automatically, you have to make it do this. So develop a proper release before you go investing in 3 balls of potential hook before you even can hook the ball. You’ll use different balls based on how oily the lane is on any given day. This is just another item you can add to your bowling tricks collection.

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