The Bowling Wrist Support Guide

The Bowling Wrist Support Guide (2020-2021 Edition)

This guide was written to provide bowlers of all ages an opportunity to review the best bowling wrist support for hook available on the market and how they perform.

Why Use a Wrist Support/Brace?

You might be wondering why people choose to use a bowling wrist support. If you are struggling with your delivery you may want to consider the use of one. Perhaps you are practicing, and you just don’t feel any improvement. You’ve probably definitely seen others using them, and maybe you are wondering if it would improve your game. Obviously, the goal is to deliver the ball consistently and accurately each time. When you fail to do this time and time again, it becomes frustrating. Before you give up, realize that a wrist support is the best option available. There are several factors that make it worthwhile to use a bowling wrist support to help your game.

So what does a bowling wrist brace do? A wrist support helps to limit tilting of the wrist. The limited movement regulates the relationship of your thumb exiting the ball compared to your bowling fingers, which provide rotation. Your thumb should exit the ball a few seconds before your fingers so the weight of the ball can fall on your bowling fingers for a second before rotation of the ball. Some people do not have the correct technique or strength to get their wrist on the right spot on the bowling ball at release point. A wrist support can assist with this problem by keeping your wrist firm at the bottom of your swing and helps you get in the correct spot to release the ball properly.

Why else should you use a wrist support?

For many reasons! In addition to keeping your wrist firm, it helps get your wrist at a lower position at release point. It can help you increase your rev rate.
People with weak wrists and children would benefit from the use of a wrist support in order to build the strength needed for the game and to provide strength when there is simply not enough. It is a great way to improve your score.

Using a wrist support will also stop the back of the bowling hand from tilting before delivery. This can lead to better delivery and an overall improvement in your score.
Over the course of time, with regular bowling, your wrist can become weak, and your game will suffer as a result. You may not be able to properly support the weight of the ball. The wrist support prevents the risk of the wrist to break and flop during the release and ruining your shot. We all want to generate an amazing hook when bowling. A wrist support can help you do just that.

Now that we can see the benefits of a wrist support, let’s check out the top products available:

Storm Universal Wrist Brace

This adjustable support from Storm allows for bowlers to have consistent releases throughout their game. Bowlers who have purchased it have noticed the consistency in their hand position allowing for better scoring and spare conversions.

Mongoose Lifter

The Mongoose is a non-adjustable wrist brace that makes the bowler use their fingers on release. The “Lifter” was developed for a smooth and consistent roll on heavier oil conditions. While not adjustable like the other bowling wrist support devices mentioned previously, the Mongoose provides a cool and comfortable fit allowing bowlers to continuously wear it during league or competition.

Robbys Revs II

The Robbys Revs II is adjustable allowing you to adjust forward roll or spin on your release. It also allows for ball cupping to promote additional revolutions. While the Revs II is designed to handle light and medium oil conditions, it is an excellent tool to develop muscle memory while practicing if you choose to not use it during competition. Reviewers have noted that it can take a bit of time to get used to the wrist device, but once you overcome the learning curve the ability to hook a ball consistently is more apparent.

Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner

The Brunswick Bionic Wrist provides multiple cupping and lateral positions to best suit your game. By design, the Bionic Wrist allows you to develop a more powerful roll with your ball. Customers who have purchased this wrist brace have mentioned that it takes some time to get used to and some have had to reduce their ball speed in order to achieve their desired results.

And there you have it. Have you tried a bowling wrist brace or support that you swear by that isn’t on our list? Comment below and tell us why it should be included.

The Bowling Wrist Support Guide (2020-2021 Edition)
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The Bowling Wrist Support Guide (2020-2021 Edition)
This article reviews the top-rated bowling wrist braces available now.
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