Top Gifts Ideas for Bowlers

When birthdays or the holidays roll around, buying gifts become the number on priority. As the gift-giver, you want to ensure that you get that special someone just the perfect gift no matter the occasion. However, there are some people in your life that can be difficult to buy gifts for. Bowlers are some of those people. Figuring out what to get a bowler can be quite a hassle, thankfully we are here to help.

If your special someone enjoys going to the alley to enjoy a great bowling game, they probably have everything they need to have a great night. They have their shoes, a bag, probably their bowling ball as well. So what do you get the bowler in your life that has everything already? That’s a tough question, honestly. Purchasing gifts for a bowler can be a pretty difficult thing to do.

Luckily, there are a few options that will help your gift buying process be just a little easier. Below, you will find some great gift ideas for the bowlers in your family or your friend’s list. These gifts are great for any occasion, and they will help take some stress off your shopping when the time comes.

Learn to Bowl Competitively with Norm Duke DVD

Learn to bowl competitivelyWith twenty easy to understand training topics, professional bowler Norm Duke explains how an ordinary bowler can improve their game. Regardless of skill level, Duke provides a great path for anyone wanting to take their bowling game to the next level.

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Sports Team Bowling Towels

Does your favorite bowler like a certain NFL team? Allow them to show off their team spirit with a bowling towel that they will use often.
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Coffee Mug for Bowlers

Eat Sleep Bowl Coffee MugIf there’s one thing that is a great gift for bowlers, this mug is a great option. The inscription says, “Eat. Sleep. Bowl.” If the bowler in your life enjoys the sport and coffee to go along with it as well, then this gift is a great option for any holiday, event, or celebration where gifts are appropriate. Now, your bowler can enjoy a nice mug of coffee or hot chocolate before they hit the alley for their next bowling game.
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Bowling Style Socks

Bowling SocksEvery bowler needs a great pair of socks that have special bowling designs on them. These socks are the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for your bowler. They are made with bright colors, and they sport several bowling balls, pins, and can have words like “strike” or “spare.” Your bowler can even wear these socks while they bowl, which makes them useful as well. They can now bowl in style with these stylish and interesting socks.
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Bowling Towels

Bowling Excuses TowelMany bowlers love having towels close by because they are a great way to dry their hands when the game gets intense, and their hands get sweaty. A great gift for bowlers is a set of bowling towels that have bowling style designs on them. A set of comic style bowling towels with a little humor mixed are great for gift giving since they are useful as well as funny.
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Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for Bowlers

Bowling is my cardio shirtIf your special bowler loves funny t-shirts, then this long-sleeve option is ideal for your bowler. This gray t-shirt is made with a round neckline and loose sleeves. The inscription on the front is written in white and light blue writing to stand out against the dark gray. The words say, “Bowling is my cardio,” which is perfect for those who bowl as a workout as well as a fun adventure. When the colder days hit, your bowler can wear this long-sleeved shirt out and about while they get ready for their next bowling game.
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Bowler Charm Bracelet

Bowling Pin and Ball Charm BraceletIf you have a bowler in your life that love charm bracelets, this is a great gift for any special occasion. The silver bracelet has a clasp close along with two end beads for design. The bracelet has a rope-like braided band, and it features a gem-encrusted bowling pin and black bowling ball charm that dangles down from the center of the bracelet. This is a great gift for bowlers young and old.
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Bowling Water Bottle

Keep Calm and Bowl On Water BottleBowling can be tough work, especially if the game is serious. That is why a water bottle makes a great gift for your hardcore bowler. This water bottle, white with a black lid, holds 21 ounces of water. The front of the bottle has a black lettered inscription that says, “Keep calm and bowl on.” This bottle is also made of stainless steel to keep your drink cool or warm inside. These bottles are actually made to hold water only, but they can be useful for keeping water hot if you want hot chocolate later or keep the water cold if you want a refreshing drink after a big game.
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Bowling Ornament

Bowling ball striking xmas ornament.If you tend to give early Christmas gifts, a Christmas tree ornament for your special bowler is a great option they are sure to love. This ornament sports a spot for either ribbon, string, or a hook to hang on the tree however you want. This would be a great personalized gift as well. Your bowler can hang the ornament on the tree and think about you every time they see it hanging there.
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Funny Bowling T-Shirt

This is my bowling shirt. A great gift idea for bowlers.If your special bowler loves funny t-shirts, then this short-sleeved option is great for any occasion. The shirt comes in several different color options so you can customize the gift according to your bowler’s favorite color. The inscription on the front is simple saying, “this is my bowling shirt.” This is a classic t-shirt style with a classic t-shirt fit as well. T-shirts always make great gifts, but the bowling inscription on this one is perfect for any occasion. Your bowler can even wear it at the bowling alley while they play.
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Bowler Clock

Eat Sleep Bowl ClockThere is nothing more exciting than a bowling clock for your special bowler. This clock makes a great gift as well. It features a simple number design with a white background. The hands are made from a gold-colored material, and the inscription says, “eat. Sleep. Bowl”. This clock also has a glossy finish for a mirror-like shine that is sure to stand out in the home. The clock is also unique since it is a square shape and not the traditional round shape.
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Coin Bank for Bowlers

Green Coin Bank For BowlersIf your bowler is always trying to save the change, then a coin bank is a great gift for them. However, don’t get just any ordinary coin bank. This gift is a green bowling ball with the typical three finger indentions. Between the top two holes and the thumb hole, the coin bank sports a coin slot where your special bowler can place their coins or roller up cash for safe keeping. This coin bank comes in several other color options as well, and it sits on a simple black stand for support. This piggy bank type of gift is also great for both old and young bowlers since it is great for better saving habits.
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BONUS: Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get your favorite bowler? Why not let them choose! You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate from
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When the holidays, birthdays or other occasions come around, it comes time for gift giving and gift buying. Usually, this is a fun adventure, but sometimes, especially if you have an athlete in your life, it can be difficult to buy gifts. Bowlers are especially difficult to buy gifts for because they tend to have everything they need to enjoy their sport or bowling hobby.

Instead of just guessing about what to get for their holiday gifts, you can use a few of the gift ideas for bowlers in the list above. These ten items are hilarious, useful, and stylish, which make them perfect for bowlers both young and old. There is literally something for everyone on this list as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong thing.

When the holidays come around, you can make a great purchase decision to get your special bowler an ideal gift for any holiday, event, or special occasion. From mugs to towels to t-shirts, your bowler will be appreciative of your unique and interesting bowling inspired gifts.

Top Gifts for Bowlers
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Top Gifts for Bowlers
Looking to buy a gift for the bowler in your life? Consider these top ten gift ideas for bowlers who loves bowling as much as we do.
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